Blonde Rihanna naked photo shoot

Blonde Rihanna naked photo shoot
Rihanna with bad girl image now are doing serious work. Here she disguise with blonde woman in naked photo shoot.

With bare body or birthday suit the singer wore only a gold necklace. It drizzled in the promotional photos for her aptly titled first fragrance.

Right hand kept in hair and left concealed the healthy wardrobe that might become greedy anyone. A little parts of boobs are seen, can imagine the whole.

In a photo Rihanna placed her head back and opened the mouth as saucy and sultry new look. But when a fan asked her on Twitter why she had ditched her latest look, the singer tweeted: 'blonde was just for the shoot! I'm still black.'

The Barbados-born singer announced her first women's fragrance Nude via the social networking site.
She told her 19m-plus followers: 'I got a big shoot tomorrow for a surprise fragrance for my ladies called…NUDE!

'Bye bye dreadz, for NOW!'

If this is what the promo snaps for the perfume look like, the perfume bottle itself should be very interesting indeed...

Brad Pitt upset on wedding date adjourned

Angelina jolie and Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie hot,Brad Pitt,angelina jolie photos,angelina jolie tattoos, Cannes Film Festival
Angelina jolie and Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie hot,Brad Pitt,angelina jolie photos,angelina jolie tattoos, Cannes Film Festival

Brad Pitt upset on wedding date adjourned

From the Cannes film festival a news spreads in the World the Super star pair Angelina Jolie and brad Pitt had postponed their Wedding.

In Cannes Brad Pitt also said that the Wedding date didn't fix at all.

All problems belongs to Beauty Queen and World Sexiest Woman Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie hot Back to back film Schedule is making a wall against Marriage Ceremony.

But We can't forget, superstar throw the smoke and fog to confuse all and finish their task.

Justin Bieber could jailed for six months

justin bieber,justin bieber with selena gomez, justin bieber baby,Selena Gomez
justin bieber,justin bieber with selena gomez, justin bieber baby,Selena Gomez
justin bieber,justin bieber with selena gomez, justin bieber baby,Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber could jailed for six months

For a hot temper task musical Star Justin Bieber can see him in a horrible situation. According to TMZ police have decided to refer the case to prosecutors and the star could face up to six months in jail.

justin bieber baby year old music star spent his time in Los Angeles with Girl friend Selena Gomez. In the meantime a paparazzi appeared there. Because of pair Photo shoot Bieber threw his shoe on the photographer and escape that place before coming police.
Former New York prosecutor Raoul Fedler has told HollywoodLife that the only way the singer can avoid arrest is if his legal team can prove the incident never happened.

“Anytime the police say you need to come in for questioning they usually arrest you when you come in and then you get bailed out,” he added.

“They want to hear your side of the story. But very frequently, they arrest you right on the spot. He’ll show up with his lawyer when he’s back and they might arrest him,” Raoul said. “But it’s a misdemeanour, it’s not a felony. He is working with his legal team, publicist, personal manager and writing a lot of checks out right now.”

Aishwariya Rai Bachchan drizzling with blue gown

Aishwariya, Aishwariya Rai Bachchan, ash

Aishwariya Rai Bachchan drizzling with blue gown.

The Indian beauty queen Aishwariya Rai Bachchan drizzling with blue gown In cannes.

Aishwariya Rai Bachchan's new heavy weight body is seen not very bad looking. So, this time critique may not get much attention against former Miss World ash.

Kristen Stewart breast nuts others

Kristen Stewart breast nuts others

Kristen Stewart, Kristen Stewart and, Kristen Stewart and robert, Kristen Stewart breast, the twilight, twilight girl
Kristen Stewart breast nuts others.
the twilight girl Kristen Stewart, snatched the sleep of people through the twilight series. But now her passion is making nuts. In cannes film festival Kristen Stewart and robert attended the premiere of Robert Pattinson's movie `Cosmopolis’ is doing fight to win the palme d’or. In the premier of that film Kristen Stewart gown is making talk of the town.Kristen Stewart showed a flesh, this flourish her fame in a new height. Such topic is discussing everywhere.
Kristen Stewart hot image may be seen many times But this time Kristen Stewart breast opened almost.

the American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez said "The whole crew of American Idol, they've done everything for us and made this show happen. And all

The American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez said
"The whole crew of American Idol, they've done everything for us and made American Idol show happen. And all the fans, thank you so much for voting.

American Idol Jessica Sanchez added We wouldn't be in this position without you guys, so thank you,"

Phillip Phillips American Idol new singing champion

Phillips win over Jessica Sanchez for eleventh season

phillip image
American Idol new singing champion is Phillip Phillips over Jessica Sanchez.
pawn shop worker Phillip Phillips is american Idol champion for eleventh season.
Jessica Sanchez, a 16-year-old from San Diego defeated by the winner Phillips.
Phillips said "I just want to say it's been such an honor being up on this stage playing with everybody and the [Idol band] -- we wouldn't have sounded as good without them -- blessings go out to them.

And all the fans out there, just thank ya'll for voting for us. All the fans' support and everything, it's been crazy,".

Abhishek has admitted that he is missing Aishwarya’s attention

Abhishek has admitted that he is missing Aishwarya’s attention and work hard to get Aishwarya’s attention now because she is always busy with his daughter Aaradhya.

Abhishek added “Aishwarya’s day starts and ends with the baby. Since she insists on doing everything for Aaradhya, including giving her a maalish (massage), bathing her and attending to her round-the-clock, I’m now waiting in queue for Ash’s attention.”
Aishwarya bachchan's first priority is her daughter.

Chuck Brown,The Godfather of Go-Go died.he was 75

Chuck Brown,The Godfather of Go-Go died.he was 75.his daughter confirmed Chunk Brown-the legendary musician,the "Godfather of Go-Go," passed away Wednesday.
Mr. Brown had been hospitalized for pneumonia according to washingtonpost.
Chuck Brown was the performer, singer, guitarist and songwriter.Chuck Brown developed his commanding brand of funk to compete with the dominance of disco in the mid-1970s.
Mr. Brown became one of the city’s most recognizable figures when go-go became a point of pride for black Washingtonians.
Brown died of multiple-organ failure from sepsis at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore according to CNN
He left wife, Jocelyn, sons Nekos, Wiley and Bill, and daughter Takesa.
He made a unique mix of funk, soul and Latin party sounds to create go-go music.
Mayor Vincent Gray said "the city will be a different place without him.
Go-go is D.C.'s very own unique contribution to the world of pop music,Today is a very sad day for music lovers the world over."

The 65th Cannes International Film Festival opened on 16 may,2012

The 65th Cannes International Film Festival opened on 16 may,2012..Jean-Paul Gaultier (L), Diane Kruger (C) and Ewan McGregor arrived at a jury photocall during the 65th annual Cannes International Film Festival in Cannes,France.

Rihanna the dancing queen

pop Singer Rihanna turns into herself as a gold warrior princess and showed her tallent with rihanna cheers.

The Black beauty Princess made to herself dancing statue to the stage tonight at the Robin Hood

Foundation Benefit in New York City wearing an eye-catching bikini, dramatic make-up and a

theatrical snake headdress.

During one routine, Rihanna teamed the revealing strapless and midriff-baring top with a matching

gold skirt and with a pair of leopard print slashed Princess Jasmine-inspired trousers.

Rihanna performed and daced at venue Jacob K Javits for the charity event.

Here is Rihanna, rihanna dresses, rihanna hairstyle

Facebook will IPO on Friday with CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook will IPO on Friday with CEO Mark Zuckerberg ringing the NASDAQ bell remotely from his company’s new headquarters Menlo Park .
Facebook's public offering will be the largest and perhaps most highly anticipated net deal in history.Facebook faced with great expectations, Facebook is staring down some obstacles when it comes to key areas of monetization and growth public distrust and display advertising apathy.

According to a poll, 57% of Facebook users comments they never click ads or other sponsored content when they use the site, with another 26% said they hardly ever engage in such activity.

Rihana poses topless gave rihanna sexy look.

Rihanna’s bad girl image brings the attention of general people. Rihanna acts a star not a common people. Recently rihanna style dresses, rihanna naked photo,topless photo shoots pave the way to attention to fans and enthusiast.
She is not a shy girl, her poses as bare body glittering in photo frame. Rihanna’s naked photo or backside depicted alligator image.
Rihanna’s boobs show a new way of rihanna sexy look. In photos she concealed her booty by wrist and hand.
Rihanna dresses are not now news. Rihanna inspired dresses that form a dressless structure give rihanna sexy look.

kate middleton william wore a sky blue dress which look kate middleton hot

Last night at the Royal Albert Hall all the stars light goes to lean in front of Duchess of Cambridge.
 kate middleton william wore a sky blue dress look like teal. The enthusiastic point of the dress of kate middleton william was her looks kate middleton hot.

Her appearance at a gala at the Royal Albert Hall to mark the countdown to the London Olympic Games was glittering as star of sky. kate middleton and william showed a new era that wipes the nostalgia of Diana.

Prince William place a wonderful speech to the 3,000 guests in which he likened his physique to that of a pigeon. There were present 67 athletes so far selected to compete in the tournament across five sports. Great Britain final team will be at least 550 athletes across all 26 Olympic sports. 101 Paralympians have also been selected thus far, with the final team expected to include approximately 300.

The bold teal gown worn by kate middleton william last night was designed by Jenny Packham, one of her favourite designers. It had seen first time on the catwalk last September, as part of the spring/summer 2012 collection in a pale green.

rihanna dresses rihanna hairstyle rihanna style dresses rihanna naked photo

Rihanna countered the news that her medical emergency caused by excessive partying, instead saying that she had “the flu.”Although her statement seems to belief in kids mind, none of stars admits their wrong doing. The story of rihanna this is usually happened.At the Nokia Theatre Rihanna’ wearing was same to the stripper version of a dress Kate Middleton in early this week. White frock or rihanna style dresses give rihanna a sexy look that design belongs to rihanna.
In rihanna style dresses bare back and naked thigh or rihanna naked photo,rihanna hairstyle inspires the fan of enthusiastic on her. 'I'm a lot better now...I had a couple days to rest and re-hydrated', Rihanna told in occasion of her first film premier.All of her supporters wait a hope that pop singer hit the box office whatever have done in rihanna song through the years.

Rihanna went to hospital

'I'm crazy and I don't pretend to be anything else.' This theory pushed the star rihanna to hospital after a wild night at Met Gala in New York on Monday.
She was attacked by exhaustion and dehydration. However the star went to her home in Los Angeles After treatment in unidentified medical centre.
24 years old singer pushed away herself from Night rihanna live rehearsal because of her tiredness on Saturday.
The new issue of America's Star magazine claims she is 'spiraling out of control'. But singer doesn’t think about it. She pleased on her good girl goes to bad brand.
'Rihanna loves to party but this past month she's gotten really out of control,' an insider tells the publication.

Chef Wolfgang Puck has honored by James Beard Foundation.

Chef Wolfgang Puck has honored with a lifetime achievement award by the James Beard Foundation.

Here the list of winners:

-- Best new restaurant
Next in Chicago
-- Outstanding chef
Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park in New York
-- Outstanding pastry chef
Mindy Segal of Mindy's Hot Chocolate in Chicago
-- Outstanding restaurant
Boulevard in San Francisco
-- Outstanding restaurateur
Tom Douglas of Tom Douglas Restaurants in Seattle
-- Outstanding service
La Grenouille in New York
-- Outstanding wine and spirits professional
Paul Grieco of Terroir in New York
-- Outstanding wine program
No. 9 Park in Boston
-- Outstanding bar program
PDT in New York
-- Rising star chef of the year
Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar in New York

-- Great Lakes
Bruce Sherman of North Pond in Chicago
-- Mid-Atlantic
Maricel Presilla of Cucharamama in Hoboken, N.J.
-- Midwest
Tory Miller of L'Etoile in Madison, Wisc.
-- New York City
Michael Anthony of Gramercy Tavern in New York
-- Northeast
Tim Cushman of O Ya in Boston
-- Northwest
Matt Dillon of Sitka & Spruce in Seattle
-- Pacific
Matt Molina of Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles
-- South
Chris Hastings of Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, Ala.
-- Southeast
Hugh Acheson of Five and Ten in Athens, Ga.
Linton Hopkins of Restaurant Eugene in Atlanta
-- Southwest
Paul Qui of Uchiko in Austin, Texas
-- James Beard Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award
Wolfgang Puck
-- James Beard Foundation Humanitarian of the Year
Charlie Trotter
James Beard Foundation Who's Who of Food & Beverage in America Inductees
-- Grant Achatz, chef and author, Chicago
-- Mark Bittman, journalist and author, New York
-- Dana Cowin, editor-in-chief at Food and Wine magazine, New York
-- Emily Luchetti, pastry chef and author, San Francisco
-- Marvin Shanken, publisher, New York
James Beard Foundation America's Classics
-- The Fry Bread House in Phoenix
Owner: Cecelia Miller
-- Nora's Fish Creek Inn in Wilson, Wyo.
Owners: Nora Tygum, Trace Tygum and Kathryn Tygum Taylor
-- St. Elmo Steak House in Indianapolis
Owners: Stephen Huse and Craig Huse
-- Jones Bar-B-Q Diner in Marianna, Ark.
Owners: James and Betty Jones
-- Shady Glen in Manchester, Conn.
Owners: William and Annette Hoch

the fattest man in britain wants weight loss system weight loss procedures

`Better late than never’ World Fattest man seems to be going along with this quote. He wants weight loss system or weight loss procedures ,fat and cellulite reduction,visceral fat reduction,yoga for belly fat reduction. never go out home last ten years. Since 9/11 he kept him in home. Now his waist is 6ft. Mr Martin, 42, weight is 58 stone.

But now he revealed him in a chaotic situation. If he is don't take any step to escape this, he found himself in a suicide manner. For the purpose of reducing weight, dramatic changes are seen in his food. Taking calories 1500 from 20,000.

At the height of his eating Keith would scoff down a packet of bacon, six sausages, six eggs with a mound of toast and beans. Lunch was more of the same plus sandwiches and dinner could be two large pizzas, three kebabs or a giant Chinese curry.
Snacks included packets of biscuits and sweets, cakes and family-size chocolate bars. Before bed he'd have four sandwiches with ham, Spam or bacon. He drank two litres of cola, plus six pints of coffee with sugar. Now he has reduced his diet to just four slices of bread, sometimes topped with spam or a can of mini-hotdogs, and one ready meal a day.

Supermoon Glittering in the sky

The biggest and brightest full moon of the year is shining up the sky tonight. Tides are likely to be higher as a result of the supermoon but fears of a spike in crime or an increase in crazy behaviour have been dismissed as pure folklore. All over the Experts say the Moon will appear up to 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter as it passes 221,802 miles from earth, around 15,300 miles closer than average.
Black magic and other belief got a lot of enthusiastic mode for this. But astronomers warn the 'relatively uncommon' celestial event may not amount to much.

Washington DC: Glittering Mood over the U.S. Capitol Building in the American capital.

Southern Hemisphere: The supermoon has been seen from Mount Eden in Auckland, New Zealand.

A runner and 'super Moon' at Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona.

A LAPD Chopper in the middle of supermoon in Los Angeles.

A rose bush in Los Angeles, California bloomed in the firing spot on Supermoon, along with a small bug resting on a bud.

Controversy girl Lindsay lohan rids of charges

Stars life is full of controversy and unwanted attitudes. If you add the name of Hollywood star Lindsay lohan, then you have to correction today in an issue. The sayers night club in Los angeles collision is not real. After investigation officers found such type of incident was not happened on that night. Earlier night club manager accused that lohan attack on him with her Porsche. But from the beginning Lindsay’s answer was it’s completely lie.
Although authorities send this file to the district attorney office but distrusted witness gave the opportunity to reject the issue of any kind of charges on Lindsay lohan.
Drug-alcohol jail all this moved around the lohan and left his career in controversy girl. So, we can say her a girl off course star but a field of controversy.

Jenifer lopez American Idol is now Tattoo star.

Jenifer lopez American Idol is now Tattoo star. she is busy now her new music video where the fan seen in a new look. there Jenifer return in her pace of affection and passion. Her appeal of attraction can break the heart of new comer in entertainment world. American Idol Jenifer lopez recent wearings and acting in film reveals to producer again to think. Concept creator gets a lot assets by learning Jenifer lopez.

Good news for Facebook users ,Facebook brings Instagram-style filters to dumbphones

Good news for Facebook users ,Facebook brings Instagram-style filters to dumbphones.users of facebook-brings-instagram-style-filters to dumbphones.Facebook who are carrying around so-called "dumbphones" instead of shiny new iPhone or Android devices,they can now add a couple of Instagram-style filters to your Facebook photos.

Good news for Facebook users ,Facebook brings Instagram-style filters to dumbphones

Good news for Facebook users ,Facebook brings Instagram-style filters to dumbphones.

You can now add a couple of Instagram-style filters to your Facebook photos.