the fattest man in britain wants weight loss system weight loss procedures

`Better late than never’ World Fattest man seems to be going along with this quote. He wants weight loss system or weight loss procedures ,fat and cellulite reduction,visceral fat reduction,yoga for belly fat reduction. never go out home last ten years. Since 9/11 he kept him in home. Now his waist is 6ft. Mr Martin, 42, weight is 58 stone.

But now he revealed him in a chaotic situation. If he is don't take any step to escape this, he found himself in a suicide manner. For the purpose of reducing weight, dramatic changes are seen in his food. Taking calories 1500 from 20,000.

At the height of his eating Keith would scoff down a packet of bacon, six sausages, six eggs with a mound of toast and beans. Lunch was more of the same plus sandwiches and dinner could be two large pizzas, three kebabs or a giant Chinese curry.
Snacks included packets of biscuits and sweets, cakes and family-size chocolate bars. Before bed he'd have four sandwiches with ham, Spam or bacon. He drank two litres of cola, plus six pints of coffee with sugar. Now he has reduced his diet to just four slices of bread, sometimes topped with spam or a can of mini-hotdogs, and one ready meal a day.

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