Supermoon Glittering in the sky

The biggest and brightest full moon of the year is shining up the sky tonight. Tides are likely to be higher as a result of the supermoon but fears of a spike in crime or an increase in crazy behaviour have been dismissed as pure folklore. All over the Experts say the Moon will appear up to 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter as it passes 221,802 miles from earth, around 15,300 miles closer than average.
Black magic and other belief got a lot of enthusiastic mode for this. But astronomers warn the 'relatively uncommon' celestial event may not amount to much.

Washington DC: Glittering Mood over the U.S. Capitol Building in the American capital.

Southern Hemisphere: The supermoon has been seen from Mount Eden in Auckland, New Zealand.

A runner and 'super Moon' at Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona.

A LAPD Chopper in the middle of supermoon in Los Angeles.

A rose bush in Los Angeles, California bloomed in the firing spot on Supermoon, along with a small bug resting on a bud.

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