Ricky Martin stresses the importance of using condoms

Ricky Martin stresses the importance of using condoms

The Puerto Rican singer wants to raise awareness on Twitter about the importance of using condoms, so it has recommended to his followers that they learn to use them correctly.

"Condoms. Intelligent people, take note", has released the artist next to a link that shows a picture of a girl playing in his notebook the content of a poster with pictures on how to make good use of them.

This is not the first time Ricky decides on sexual health, as recently also committed artist with gay rights since he confessed his own orientation-also proved strong in the social network.

"Practice safe sex. Use condoms" tweeted.

But Puerto Rican involvement with this issue was beyond the talk when he decided to be part of a campaign fighting for the eradication of AIDS in the world through the use of condoms.

"We want to make a difference.'s Very serious. Not a problem-eighties, is now," said the artist at the time.