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Rihanna countered the news that her medical emergency caused by excessive partying, instead saying that she had “the flu.”Although her statement seems to belief in kids mind, none of stars admits their wrong doing. The story of rihanna this is usually happened.At the Nokia Theatre Rihanna’ wearing was same to the stripper version of a dress Kate Middleton in early this week. White frock or rihanna style dresses give rihanna a sexy look that design belongs to rihanna.
In rihanna style dresses bare back and naked thigh or rihanna naked photo,rihanna hairstyle inspires the fan of enthusiastic on her. 'I'm a lot better now...I had a couple days to rest and re-hydrated', Rihanna told in occasion of her first film premier.All of her supporters wait a hope that pop singer hit the box office whatever have done in rihanna song through the years.

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