VPN: secure remote communications and profitable

VPN: secure remote communications and profitable
Should I be concerned about the safety of my business when my employees are connected to the network? Surely as an entrepreneur has been asked that question repeatedly. Many companies have offices across the country and even around the world, so there is the need for rapid communications, secure and reliable. Fortunately, this can be achieved through a virtual private network using the benefits of the web to unify messages and increase the performance of staff.

According to Gerardo Sandoval, CEO and partner Gconex.net McAfee, "A VPN allows employees to access their corporate network via the Internet, instead of dialing directly to it. Despite using a public connection, the data is encrypted, so it is private and individual users can transparently access and confidential to the other computer resources. "

"Implementing a VPN is easier than many think, although large companies hire expensive service providers of telecommunications, the software solution is an acceptable investment for smaller companies," said Sandoval.

Based on results of several studies, the expert added that Web services "is a reality that smaller companies will increase their expenditure on security software this year, on top of other program categories. Find out below why a VPN solution is a good option for employees to connect remotely:

Performance: If your employees live outside the city, you can accumulate a very high phone bill with hours of long distance calls. With a VPN, simply make a call to his ISP. Chances are that each employee will have a local number to do that, so it generates no charge.

Easy deployment: VPN Previously used to be competition from large companies, especially for their high costs. Today you can subscribe to the network services offered by third parties, which allows minimizing the initial costs and eliminates the need for internal IT staff to manage them.

Data security: Even if the Internet is prone to intrusion and hacking, the VPN ensures privacy through encryption technology gives the tunneling protocol and security procedures.

Mobility: Many companies are using VPNs to connect remote employees. The VPN allows employees to connect to your e-mail and other business applications and download data from their servers of the company, even while traveling or working from home.

Virtual private networks have become a fundamental part of most companies, especially the SMEs, who are trying to increase mobility and productivity of their employees without compromising security information. With the implementation of VPN not only protect the data, is also a good option to minimize costs and eliminate the need for internal IT staff.

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