Proposal refused Calvin Harris 'loving' by Rihanna

Proposal refused Calvin Harris 'loving' by Rihanna

The electronic music producer Calvin Harris was responsible for creating the theme 'We Found Love' who plays Rihanna. One would think that they are friends, but Harris said it was not a close friend of the singer because he refused to go to her dressing room.

'It was wrong, she tried. She said 'Yes, come and spend the time in my dressing room,' I just thought 'Arrrgh' I mean what you say to Rihanna? There is nothing. She is great, very friendly, nice, I see ... but? I can not, "said Calvin Harris to the magazine Q.

Rihanna still single, and seems to want to have some fun. He says he is in adventures with Drake, but until now still not knowing what really happened in the house of Ashton Kutcher.

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