Pixels Media becomes digital agency and change its image.

Pixels Media becomes digital agency and change its image.3 Pixels Media enters the digital advertising market, offering quality products, backed by the experience of their staff and the price competitiveness of the developments. Premiering new offices of Prados del Este (Caracas), as part of the change process have been incorporated into agency team Sandra Mosquera, in the business area, creative area Chema Tovar and Jesus Camacaro in IT and new technologies to provide a more complete service to its customers."Change is put down old ideas and accept what comes with confidence, change is to adapt to changing times" is part of the philosophy of this team, Romanelli said Christian business leader, who says that "by combining creativity and technology the results are optimal "In this process of renewal, the company also decided to do a makeover with the release of a new logo that denotes movement and action, highlighting important factors in the technology area, which are concepts that are closely linked to the supply of the company since the creation of new departments ensuring the prompt delivery and attention that clients deserve."We make apps for life"Christian Romanelli ensures that each of the applications that create ultimate goal is to make people want to use. Currently have two lines of business. On the one hand offer solutions for BTL and events. On the other, providing web development designed to meet the digital needs of its customers.Among the applications currently marketed include Twivee, Photobooth and Admission. The first screens to display real-time tweet (The tweet pass through a filter that prevents annoying situations). The second take photos of participants in the events and share them on social networks. The third allows to optimize the time of event records in mass, decreasing to 5 to 30 seconds per person.About social networks specialize in creating brand identity and user manuals, filling a void in the market "Anyone who can write can be a community manager and anyone with an oven can make cupcakes, the problem is to use well the recipe and obtained good results, "said Chema Tovar charge of this area. "Our service is positioning to analyze and define the personality of the brand, in order to make the voice of the consistent, although written by one or more people." Many clients are released into the social media arena unprepared> 3 Pixels Media provides the ability to provide comprehensive advice to help customers not to travel in the dark on these roads.To learn more 3-Pixels Media, you can follow in his twitter account @ 3pixelsmedia or on Facebook fanpage.

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