Pitbull forced to sing in Alaska as a joke on the Internet

Pitbull has been associated with a famous brand of mints and a chain of stores for a concert in one of its premises thanks to a contest on Facebook. However, a jokes website has begun a campaign for the rapper singing in the most remote local chain that has the United States: Alaska.

The company called Walmart and candies Energy Strips sponsoring an advertising campaign on Facebook where the local store that has more "iLikes" the social network will present a performance as a rapper.

However, the site of comedy "Something Awful" has urged people not to like about Pitbull to vote for the branch of Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska, the remote store chain in the United States, a place too uncomfortable for the musician is present.

A user wrote Alaskan Pitbull excited to see on the website: "It is very common thing to happen in a Walmart as small as the one here, is half the normal size and sell all kinds of strange things , bear repellent, snowshoeing and hunting equipment. "

So far, the Kodiak is the branch that has accumulated the most votes in the contest and as reported by Gigwise, has more votes than people in the city.

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