Shakira raises more suspicion for possible pregnancy

Shakira raises more suspicion for possible pregnancy

A few days ago, the tuned program on Telemundo, "El Gordo y la Flaca ', the presenter Raul de Molina said a person close to her Shakira said the singer was in the fresh hopes, while the journalist was cautious about giving information.

 However, People magazine consulted with two other sources who claimed that the singer was pregnant and you're happy with the news, but still will not confirm the news to the media.

 According to People, her boyfriend Gerard Pique would like the baby is born in Catalonia, Spain, from where it originates.

Last month, William Mebarak, father of the singer, said in an interview

that "I hope that the news (of pregnancy) soon to be official" message that was played by various means such as a claim that her daughter actually is pregnant.

Days later, Mr. Mebarak said through a statement that his statements were misunderstood. "I've heard from the press that some media claim to have confirmed the assumption pregnant with my daughter,

that is absolutely untrue," he said. "I want to reiterate as I said in the interview given recently, I hope and wish is suddenly this good news because we know everyone happy.

I never said anything other than that, nor have I confirmed," he said.c-zimbio

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