Public Disorder ,July 26 at the CIEC

The Foundation presents WORLD HELP PUBLIC DISORDER concert this July 26 at the premises of CIEC Metropolitan University of Caracas. Tickets are on sale at the box office and located in major shopping malls in the city.

Public disorder, is considered the most influential ska band from Venezuela and Latin America, who promise rhythms fill the audience with his now customary show, also having special guests in this presentation.

WORLD AID, is a foundation that carries out different activities for different causes. This time undertake this concert with the group public disorder, to the benefit of senior age. WORLD AID turn, is projecting Cinex rooms, mikes Project 33 with a duration of 1 minute, and claim a brand new audiovisual work on 26 in the CIEC this time to support children's Syndrome Down.

Marcel Barragan, spokesman for the foundation HELP WORLD says: "We are a foundation that takes large donations on the site, what we do ... we deliver benefit upon completion of the activity in front of the audience, is our biggest test to be helping . We are not allied with any cause, we have helped the elderly, disabled, and soon children with Down syndrome, we want all our WORLD reaches the FAQ ".

Tickets for the show benefit of July 26, 2012, are on sale at the box office and Sambil Center, Toulon, and CCCT.

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