Paris Hilton says he is happy single

Paris Hilton says he is happy single
Paris Hilton, 31, has been linked recently with the Dutch DJ Afrojack, the first relationship after his break with Cy Waits. However, she refuses to be together, because what we want now is to be "an independent woman."

"Every woman dreams of marrying and starting a family someday, but right now I'm so busy working and traveling would not have time for that," told the magazine Hello!

"When that time comes, it will be fantastic,but right now I'm happy being single and being an independent woman," he said. Paris has recently reinvented itself as a DJ and prepared thoroughly to be the highest possible level.

"Over the past year,rehearsing every day for six to eight hours.Was awake until 4 am most nights and then had to change the code when I realized I was going to be more pop than a session dance, "said the dJ released, which debuted at the festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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