Microsoft Releases Office Provides as a service in the cloud

Microsoft Releases Office-Provides Office as a service in the cloud and take advantage of innovations that Windows 8

Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer introduced the previous version for clients of Microsoft Office, available at / preview. The next version has an intuitive design that works perfectly with touch pen, mouse or keyboard on all new Windows devices, including tablets. The new Office is social and has modern options in the areas of reading, making notes, meetings and communication, and will be offered to subscribers through a cloud service always updated."We are taking steps in cutting-edge Microsoft," Ballmer said during the press conference in San Francisco. "This completely new Office will offer unprecedented productivity and flexibility to both consumers and business customers. This is a cloud service that will shine when used in conjunction with Windows 8. "

Best of Office on Windows 8

Fully touch. Office responds to touch so naturally as does the keyboard and mouse. Slide your finger across the screen and amplíala to read your documents and presentations. Create new content and access functions with your finger.Ink. Use a pen to create content, take notes and access features. Write email manually and convert them automatically into text. Use the pen as a pointer in presentations. Illuminates the contents and delete errors easily.New applications for Windows 8. OneNote and Lync are the first applications for Office-style Windows 8. These applications are designed to provide tactile experiences in a tablet. The new radial menu in OneNote allows access to functions with your finger.Included in Windows RT. Office Home and Student 2013 RT, which contains new versions of applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote will be included in Windows 8 devices based on ARM, including Microsoft Surface.

Office in the cloud

SkyDrive. Office automatically saves documents in SkyDrive, so that your content is always available on your tablet, PC and telephone. You can also access your documents offline, which will be synchronized when you reconnect to.Synchronization. Once you sign up for Office, your custom settings, including your files, your template and even your custom dictionary will be available on virtually all your devices. Office remember where you left off and take you back to that activity with a single click.Office on request. With a subscription, you can access Office even if you're away from your PC, you can download complete applications on a Windows PC connected to the Internet.New subscription services. The new Office is available as a subscription service based on the cloud. As a subscriber, consumers receive the updates automatically, as well as innovative services in the cloud as international minutes in Skype and additional storage on SkyDrive. Subscribers receive several family facilities and devices.

Office is social Yammer

  Yammer provides a private and secure social network for business. You can register free and start using the social network instantly. Yammer offers integration with SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics.Stay connected. Follow people, equipment, documents and sites in SharePoint. View photos, videos and content in your entries Office activities in social networks to always be aware and keep your colleagues informed.People Card. Get an integrated view of your contacts anywhere in Office. The Card People include presence information complete with photos, status updates, contact information and activities tickets your Facebook and LinkedIn.Skype. The new Office includes Skype. As part of your subscription, you will receive 60 minutes per month in international Skype. Integrate your Skype contacts and call Lync or send an instant message to any contact in Skype.Office opens new scenariosDigital note-taking. Keep your notes in hand in the cloud and your devices with OneNote. Uses what is more natural for you: the hand, pen or keyboard, or use them all together and switch easily between the two.Read and review. Reading Mode in Word provides a reading experience modern and easy to navigate that adjusts automatically to small and large screens. Zooms content, playing videos within documents, see the markup, and uses touch to turn the pages.Meetings. Vista incorporates a new PowerPoint Presentation showing in private current and the following slides, the time of presentation and speaker notes. During the presentation, you can extend, mark and navigate your slides with finger or pen. Lync include high-definition video presentations, shared OneNote notebooks and a virtual whiteboard for brainstorming.82-inch touchscreens. Make meetings more interesting presentations and classes, either in person or virtually, with these pen-enabled touch screens of Perceptive Pixel.Although the full line of offerings and prices will be announced in the fall, Ballmer spoke about the new subscription services, Office 365. Once available, each new subscription offer will include the new 2013 editions of Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access. In addition, subscribers will be entitled to future updates of the version and receive use rights for up to five PCs or Macs and mobile devices. The three new editions are:Premium Home Office 365 - designed for families and consumers. This service also includes 20 GB of additional storage on SkyDrive and 60 international minutes per month on Skype.Small Business Office 365 Premium - designed for small businesses. This service also includes corporate email, shared calendars, websites and tools for high-definition videoconferencing.Office 365 ProPlus - designed for enterprise customers who want advanced business skills and flexibility to deploy and manage cloud.The previous version is available for customers / preview.Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

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