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"As in a water world I live, where you get wet while I do not know why, but the sky is purple and lilac," says the first verse of the item currently playing in various country radio stations."The song is born for a very possible and impossible love speaks of a parallel, a magical world very personal, but as real as the Avenida Francisco Fajardo at 6 pm on a Monday ... only few can see this world mine, "says the artist in relation to their motivation to write the subject.

Winda currently preparing their second album entitled "coin" and produced by Jacques Mottet, which will include this new single that had the opportunity to record with Osorio, who won a Latin Grammy in 2004. "Music allows us to reach our core without much drama. The link with Fernando is because everything that vibrates at the same frequency is at some point. We are on the dial and "Get away with me 'born in a place not far away, surrounded by sea and cloudless sky. Fer's guitar and a Mongol pencil in my left hand, "says the singer.

Winda will be as guest artist in the acoustic show "Behind the Songs" offered by the Nicaraguan salsa singer Luis Enrique and Juan Carlos Perez Soto and Fernando Osorio same this Friday June 22 at the CIEC Metropolitan University."We will have a great time. The public will feel the spontaneity and freshness talent emanating points of real songwriters. I am happy to share the stage with my friend Fer, "said the interpreter finally 'I'll give.
Winda-TIPSTWITTER: @ windamusic* Born in Caracas on March 12. At age 7 he travels to Los Angeles and received as a child art workshops there.* During his teenage years in Caracas, is formed as a dancer at the Academy of Anita Vivas, at the hands of Antonio Drija and participates in important musical.* Get a law degree from Universidad Santa María (1998).* Is formed as an actress, with the help of Amalia Pérez Díaz and participates in major dramatic.* Its musical influences Soraya, Sarah McLachlan, Robi Draco Rosa, and Sade, among others.* Their debut album FOOTPRINTS reaches optimal levels of sound and music production. Which includes 'I'll give', 'Alone', 'I found' and 'Footprints'. It was mixed in Miami by Venezuelan Sogbe Caesar, who has worked with Julieta Venegas and Prince, among others.

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