In "Part of Me" Katy Perry shows her true self

In "Part of Me" Katy Perry shows her true self one of the biggest U.S.pop stars singer Katy Perry premieres next week in U.S. film "Part of Me", a 3D documentary recorded during their last tour, told Efe, "is all that intimate can without being inappropriate.

" "The viewer becomes my best friend and you can see how my life through my eyes," said the singer of hits like "I Kissed A Girl",

  "Hot n Cold", "California Gurls" or "Firework" . "No show only happy times. Is good, the bad and everything in between," Katy added.
Katy Perry, ranking on 3rd position on Twitter with about 22 million followers, just behind Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber-spoke by telephone with Efe shortly before entering a film in Los Angeles and attend a screening of the tape with fans before the premiere of the movie, July 5.

"I think people will amaze you and will understand at last what it means for me to have worked so hard. There are moments of great intimacy and vulnerability," she said.

California Dreams Tour led the artist to 124 performances worldwide after the overwhelming success of the album "Teenage Dream" (2010), but in those months Perry also had to deal with numerous personal problems, mainly the end of his marriage with Russell Brand.

she added "I do not regret anything in my life," she said. "All that I've spent has served as a lesson. That learning is priceless and has helped me to know what to do in the future about my music and my personal life. Are things that I apply every day and I hope I become a better person when I wake up, " .

Beyond the concert footage adorned with clouds of cotton candy, "cupcakes" and confetti, the documentary reveals the sacrifices of the good girl of pop, who broke with the ultra-conservative family claims and the expectations of music executives into the figure is today.

she added"The world may have the perception that I was lucky or that I've won the lottery to get where I am," said the singer. "And is not the case. I put my mind and my life depended on it. I have overcome many obstacles, such as those expected of me or my family who wanted the record. It is difficult to overcome that and land on your own feet," .

Her first album, released as a teenager under the name Katy Hudson, left clear gospel roots after years in the choir of the church of their parents. Then they wanted to turn it into a new Kelly Clarkson or Avril Lavigne, but her personal style, between innocent and playful but full of good intentions, eventually prevail and create school.

With "Teenage Dream" achieved what no one before had managed since the days of Michael Jackson's album "Bad": placing five songs from the same disk at the top of the charts in America.

But all glitters is not gold.

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