Cheryl Cole reported It's disappointing Cher Lloyd's felt the need to be bitchy about me

Cheryl Cole isn't pleased about the Cher Lloyd's comments.

Cheryl Cole's loyal to friends, but those who cross her are off her Christmas card list for ever - as her X Factor protégée Cher Lloyd is finding out.

Cher Lloyd slammed Cheryl Ann Cole during an interview on Real Radio in March, joking that Cheryl couldn't sing live and saying she was 'sad' not to have heard from her since she was on the 2010 series.

Cole said:

'After the show I got a lovely, heartfelt text message from Rebecca Ferguson and a lovely message from Treyc Cohen, but ?I didn't hear a thing from Cher.

'There was no "thank you". So you don't contact me, but you want me to run around after you?

'It's disappointing she's felt the need to be bitchy, but that's up to her.'

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