A healthy baby boy born on a plane

A healthy baby boy born on a plane. Katherine Oyedoh,First-time mother, was 37-weeks pregnant when her water broke on board the March 23 flight from Atlanta, Georgia.

Ms Carnes told “I saw her and just the way she was leaned over and moaning, I just knew,".Dr Patrick Ojukwu, an OB/GYN from Stockbridge, Georgia, was present and volunteered to deliver the baby.
The baby boy was delivered the doctor instructed Ms Carnes to cut the umbilical chord using vodka-cleansed shoe laces donated by a passenger and scissors.
She bundled the baby, who was named Ebosalume, in newspaper and thick paper towels.
Fifteen minutes after the delivery, the plane landed and Mrs. Oyedoh and her son were immediately taken to hospital.  

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