Cheryl Cole in a skimpy outfit

Cheryl Cole looked super-sexy in a skimpy outfit while filming the video
for her new single Call My Name.Cheryl Ann Cole's studio solo album will be called Call My Name, and will be premiering on BBC Radio 1 on April 20th.Cheryl Ann Cole  is an English pop and R&B recording artist, model, dancer and songwriter.
Cheryl Tweedy is born in Newcastle Upon Tyne on 30 June 1983.
Cheryl Tweedy's Mother Joan is 21 when she meets her father Garry and already has three children, Joe, Gillian and Andrew. The couple go on to have Cheryl and her younger brother Garry but split when Cheryl is 11.

Cheryl  says"I love my parents to bits.My dad met my mum when he was 17 and she was 21 and she already had three kids. Amazing that he took that on"

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